Our Process is Designed for Simplicity

Our goal is to take the pressure off you when it comes to financing your new boat or RV. Once you provide us with necessary verification information -we do the rest.

Simply fill out an application along with a personal financial statement (if you are requesting more then $75,000.00). We will then ask you to provide some basic supporting documents to verify the income stated on the application.

A Coastal Financial representative will be in contact with you to ask any questions that may surface as we analyze and process the application. Shortly after that, your Coastal Financial representative will call you with a decision on the application and details of the terms.

Your Coastal Financial representative will collect any necessary closing documents (if required) and set up a time with you for closing. We will mail you a "closing package" (overnight delivery) for you to complete, sign, and return.

Coastal Financial will set up and fund the deal based on your specific "loan proceeds distribution plan". Your Coastal Financial representative will tie up any loose ends to complete the deal. You can be confident that accuracy, consistency, and care was taken throughout the process- so sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy your new purchase.

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